Club House

The PCFC maintains a clubhouse at the home of the Royal Australin Air Force (RAAF) at RAAF Williams Point Cook. This is approximately 25 Kilometres west of Melbourne. Just get on to the Princess Highway and look for the signs to Point Cook Road. As the club house is located on a military base arrangements will need to be made with security prior to your entering the base. Before making your way out to the club give our clubhouse a call on the number in the header above and so that arrangements can be made with the appropriate authorities for your visit. If there is no answer please leave your name and number on the answering machine. Please also send an email with the details and a committee member will get in contact with you as soon as is practical.


Club members have access to the facilities 24 hours per day 7 days per week.



The PCFC has two training/planning rooms available to students and instructors alike. The rooms are large enough to hold a maximum of six students in a single sitting but are generally used for one on one contact between an instructor and a student for pre and post flight briefings. When not being used for this purpose, there rooms are available to student to undertake study activiey in a quiet and relaxed environment.


Internet Access

The PCFC provides its members with two options for accessing the internet to access flight planning information. The first is via the provision of a desktop computer complete with printer. The second is via wireless router for those folk that would like to use personal devices to access the internet.  The passcode for wireless internet access is available on visiting the club.  Please ask a committee member or instructor for the passcode.  The passcode is changed on an annual basis and is only available to financial members.


Recreational Facilities

The PCFC clubhouse has a large recreational area for those who just want to chill out for a while and have a chat. Club members often meet on Friday evenings to exchange stories and socialise generally. Club members are encouraged to bring members of their family along to the clubhouse to meet other club members.


Recreational Facilities

The Club has recently introduced a flight simulator for use by trained members.  The sim is purely for fun.

The ops manual for the sim can be found here.


Aircraft Parking Facilities

The PCFC has limited capacity for aircraft parking and no hangarage. Anyone planning a fly-in to the PCFC will need to make arrangements with the airfield manager by phoning (03) 9395 1937 or refer to YMPC entry in the current ERSA.