Welcome to Point Cook Flying Club

The Point Cook Flying Club, or PCFC as it is known to its members, was founded in the mid 1970s by a group of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) personnel with an interest in recreational flying.


Initially membership in the PCFC was generally limited to serving and retired military personnel.  The PCFC is now a civillian entity with membership open to members of the public acceptable to the PCFC committee. 


The PCFC is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to provide a venue and facilities for pilots, together with their families and friends to gather and share aviation experiences.


In addition, the PCFC management committee is committed to the promotion of aviation generally and promotion of the Point Cook Airfield precinct as an ideal destination for local, interstate and overseas visitors.


Membership Levels

PCFC offers the following four levels of membership:

  • Flying Member
  • Student Member
  • Social Member
  • Junior Member


Flying Members

Flying members must have a minimum of a Recreational Pilot Licence (or equivalent).


Flying members may hire PCFC aircraft after either meeting the minimum hours on-type requirement for the aircraft being hired or having been assessed by an appropriate member as being safe on the type of aircraft being hired.


Further, flying members may be members of the PCFC committee and have full voting rights.


Student Members

As the name suggests, student members are those that are learning to fly. 


Student members may hire club on-line aircraft once they have reached appropriate milestones in their training program.


Social Members

Social members are those members that are not yet students or do not intend to obtain a flying licence but wish to gather and converse with other club members in the field of aviation.


Social members can be a member of the committee but do not have full voting rights.


Junior Members

Junior members are 16 years of age or younger.


Membership Fees

Membership fees to 30 June 2017 are as follows:


Flying Member:$100.00
Student Member:$50.00
Social Member:$25.00
Junior Member:$15.00





How do I apply for membership?

To apply for membership simply click on this Application Form link. 


You will be presented with an application form in Adobe pdf to complete.  Once you have completed the form, mail it to the address on the bottom of the form. 


Our secretary will then present your application form at next committee meeting for ratification. 


You will then be notified of the committee's decision and advised of the steps that need to be taken for you to gain access to the club house.


If you have any questions regarding membership, please email the club.  We will respond to your email promptly.